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Family Mass Group

fmassThe Family Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 10 am. It has been going since Lent 2003. The purpose of the Family Mass is to create an environment where families can come together to celebrate God’s love for us.

We aim to create an atmosphere of togetherness where children can understand and participate in the liturgy. We do this through songs, prayers and small plays adapted for children.

The choir practises every second and fourth Saturday of the month (12:30pm – 1:30pm). Children and parents are always welcome to join at any time of the year.

Contact Persons: Alice Halcomb 083 4189357, maryfrancesheaney@gmail.com  Laura Madrigal, Family Mass Choir Co-ordinator, 086 0659197.

Background & History The Family Mass began in 2003 when Sr. Mariana, a Holy Spirit Sister, arrived in our parish.  She expressed an interest in becoming actively involved in the community. Our previous Parish Priest, Msgr Alex Stenson identified the need for a Family Mass and she took on the responsibility of organising it. Our first Mass took place on the first Sunday of Lent of 2003.


The purpose of the Family Mass is to create an environment where families can come together to celebrate God’s love for us. Our aim is to create an atmosphere of togetherness where children can understand and participate in the liturgy. We do this through song, art and prayers adapted for children. We hope that the Mass will help the family set firm foundations so that the children of our parish will value their faith in years to come.

HOW WE WORK THE LITURGY TEAM We have a dynamic core team of eight, with no previous expertise in liturgical matters, who organise the 10.00a.m. Mass that couldn’t happen without the support and enthusiasm of our previous parish Priest, Msgr Alex Stenson and Fr Paul Coyle. The team sub-divides into four groups of two, each group meets in turn to prepare the liturgy for a given Sunday. Preparation includes writing the introductions, ensuring a theme follows through the Mass and finding the children/adults to actively participate in the Mass. We rely upon the help of volunteers of all ages, to participate in Reading and Offertory.

HOW WE WORK THE CHOIR We are very proud of our choir which has evolved over the past three years. We have a core team of seven musicians who organise the weekly songs and fortnightly choir practice. Our singers range in age from five to fifteen. We also have the help of some committed parents. We rely upon volunteers of all ages and the congregation to join in the singing.

Meeting Times All members meet once a month at 8.30pm in the Parochial House.  All are welcome at our meetings – members and non members.

Liturgy Teams The sub-groups of the liturgy team meet in turn to prepare the liturgy for a given Sunday, which includes writing the introductions and ensuring the theme follows through the Mass. They collaborate closely with the priest who will be celebrating Mass and rely upon the help of volunteers.

Choir The choir has a practice every second and fourth Saturday of every month at 4p.m. in the basement of the Parochial House. New members are always welcome.  The team also meets fortnightly to organise songs for the coming weeks, learn new songs and develop the present ones.

INTERESTED IN HELPING? We would appreciate any help that you can give – everyone has their own talents and all we ask is that they be shared to further enhance our Mass. People are free to give in whatever way they feel fit. You will not be expected to do something outside your comfort zone.

We welcome any suggestions and observations you may have. We can be contacted through the Parish office at 6293018, or feel free to speak to any of the team after the 10.00 a.m. Mass on Sundays. Dublin Diocesan Child Safeguarding and Protection Policies and Procedures are followed. For further information see www.csps.dublindiocese.ie

News & Recent Information

THANKS We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed in any way to our Family Mass over the past three years.  We would like to thank Fr Liam and Fr Paul for all their help and support. Also we would like to thank the families whose presence makes our Family Mass possible.

What Next ….. Some of our aims that we have identified for the future are: 1). Have a “Think Tank” – where we can review our past year, the way we work and plan for the coming year;

2). Maintain a welcoming ambiance, where people feel free to express ideas and get involved in either the Liturgy team or choir;

3). Encourage silence in the church e.g. before prayers of the faithful, before the gospel and after Holy Communion;

4). Encourage more school involvement, perhaps targeting Communion and Confirmation classes to do specific  projects…etc;

5). Increase the age profile of children attracted to the Mass, encourage more teenage involvement;

6). Tutoring children to use the microphones and read clearly with a view to them being potential adult readers;

7). Involvement of children in the planning if possible e.g. writing prayers of the faithful;

8). Introduce more drama / pageants and gospel stories in our Mass;

9). Organise tea after some Sunday Masses to help families to get to know each other;

10). Emphasise different parts of the Mass e.g.  Introduction of Communion reflections on certain Sundays, or the joining of hands at the Our Father to create an atmosphere of unity, etc;