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senior1MSCC-Award-1-2Maynooth Senior Citizens Committee has had the privilege of serving this community since 1965. In that time we have instigated many changes and improvements in the lifestyle of our older people, ensuring that as we get older we do not lose the right to be part of a just and inclusive society. There are almost two hundred Senior Citizens in Maynooth and Hinterland and all are served as appropriate without exception.

Our work was recognised in 2011 when we received the St. Patrick’s Foundation award.  The presentation was made at a special breakfast hosted by Rev. Keith McCrory on St Patrick’s Day in Carton House.



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“It is the aim of the Senior Citizens Committee to create an environment where older people can retain independence and have autonomy over their own lives.  We will continue to encourage full participation in their community and society as a whole.  We will endeavour to eliminate isolation through home visitation, transport provision and social inclusion.  We will continue to provide a voice for the most vulnerable, while keeping a watchful eye on social policies affecting older people and all the while working towards a just society that has no place for ageism.”

For further information contact Patricia Cusker on 087 298 2455 or Josephine Moore on 087 900 2296 or email jo@greenvilla.eu.  Charity No.: 7681.

What are we? Maynooth Senior Citizens Committee is a support organization for older people and their families in the Maynooth and Ladychapel area. Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of each Month, at 8pm in the Health Centre, on Leinster Street.

We have a working committee of eighteen and when the need arises as many helpers. However, there is always room for another pair of hands. Caring for others is rewarding and fulfilling work and an integral part of any community. Those interested in helping us to continue this work may contact me or any committee member.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To create an environment where older people can retain autonomy, over their own lives.
  • To encourage full participation in their community and society as a


  • To eliminate isolation through visitation, transport provision and social inclusion.
  • To provide a voice for the most vulnerable, while keeping a watchful eye on social policies affecting older people.
  • To work towards a society that has no place for ageism.

How is this managed? We do this by providing opportunity, through a social club environment, to meet friends, to access information on rights, entitlements, health issues, diet, safety and security.

We provide opportunity for pleasure and healthy exercise, social outings, theatre, dancing, holidays and religious activities.

We provide a voice, particularly for the most vulnerable, by representation through the political system or through submissions to the National Senior Citizens Parliament to which we are affiliated.

How many are catered for? About 200 older people benefit from our work, in one way or another, plus the added benefit to family / carers, in terms of support and respite. We try to meet and cater for all needs, be it through the social club for the more active or services to the less mobile or house-bound or those in nursing homes.

Safety and Security We provide personal monitored alarms, safety chains, smoke alarms, spark guards and lanterns. [To discourage the use of candles during a power failure] This part of our work inspires confidence and peace of mind.

Fuel Provision Fuel is provided during the winter months. This comes in many forms e.g.: solid fuel, bottled gas or an allowance towards electricity or gas payments. Heat is an essential component in the life of older people, as hypothermia is a real danger.

Visitation There is a committee member to cater for, and keep in contact with, each area. No amount of alarms and locks can replace personal contact. It is to this end that we encourage the general public to play their part by looking in on older neighbours especially during the winter months.

Transport While we encourage all our people to walk when they can, without transport many would be isolated.

Fund Raising Our main fund raising event is our annual “Sale of Work”, which takes place in November. Our annual collection takes place in March and the Labour Party organizes an annual sponsored walk which is a legacy left to our senior citizens by Tony Smith. Other monies come our way through donations, local raffles and some state grants.

Our accounts are audited annually and presented at our A.G.M. in February.

Background & History The International Red Cross designated 1965 as the “Year of Old People”. While the term ‘old people’ is not politically correct by today’s standards, it opened the door to a better society where discrimination ceased to be acceptable. On May 24th, inspired by the world stage, Maynooth branch of the Red Cross, held a public meeting which was attended by interested groups and individuals. Dr. Brendan O’ Donnell, Co. Medical Officer explained the context in which the Red Cross had instigated the move. He went on to say that the relative number of older people in Ireland was on the increase. In 1900 the proportion of people over 65 was 3%. By 1965 it had grown to 11% and it was estimated that it would reach 15% by the year 2000. How far seeing this man was. A committee was formed on that occasion. The Maynooth Senior Citizens Committee, as we know it today, was born and the rest, as they say, is history. [For further information read “Pearl Jubilee Booklet”. Other booklets published by the committee are: Recollections & “Independent Living for Older People.

Josephine Moore.      [Chairperson / P.R.O]

Patsy O’ Rafferty       [Deputy Chair / Assistant Treasurer]

Joan Lennon               [Secretary]

Patricia Cusker.          [Assistant Secretary]

Catherine Mulready   [Treasurer]

May Daly

Mary Fleming

Ita Loughnane

Lily O’Riordan

Anne Quigley

Lima Higgins

Anne Murphy

Thomas Heffernan

Mary Farrelly

Zita Mc.Dermott

Our new book “ The Golden Years” to celebrate our Golden Jubilee, is now on sale at the following outlets: Maynooth Book Shop, Maynooth Photo Centre, SuperValu, News For U and Donovan’s. The Hard bound are priced at €20 and the Soft bound are priced at €10.

Many thanks to the proprietors of these outlets as they have no financial gain whatsoever.